Our values

Our corporate culture drivers determine every business initiative. Emirates Global shares the following core values and seeks to build work relationships with entrepreneurs and management teams who share similar beliefs.


DETERMINATION - showing a will to succeed in every aspect of the business through perseverance.

ACCOUNTABILITY- assuming responsibility and delivering on commitments to meet customer expectations.

CREATIVE DRIVE - creative thinking & taking actions to ensure continuous innovative solutions for our client companies and stay ahead in the market.

INTEGRITY, HONESTY, CONFIDENTIALITY AND CONSCIENTIOUSNESS - committing to long-term relationships by applying business ethics.

TRUST AND RESPECT - respecting personal contributions and rewarding excellent performance from the onset of a work relationship through maturity.

CITIZENSHIP - being responsible citizens in the communities we work and live in.

BELIEVING IN RECIPROCATION - giving back to the community through personal and professional activities and implementing social responsibility while doing business.

"Building great companies can take time, and each of us must commit to a set of core beliefs over the long term."