Our associates

We work with members of a broad and diverse partner network to add value to our portfolio companies. We jointly pursue key growth activities such as client & talent acquisitions, state-of-the-art technology, business development, sales and marketing insights and professional support. Emirates Global Partners Network Operations Group and Portfolio Intelligence Analysts help create and execute a customised value-creation plan for each of our corporate private equities.

We also partner with Lary Investments LLC, which acts on behalf of Emirates Global to offer all our comprehensive management consulting and investment services to our clients locally and globally. Established by Mr Hussain Kathem Abdullah Lary in 2013, Lary Investments LLC is one of Dubai’s leading business development firms, operating in the investment services sector. It currently has 7 branches, subsidiaries and associated companies. Its management team includes Zainab Kathem Abdulla Lary, Sahar Ali Mohamed Abdulla Attai and Hussain Kathem Abdulla Lary.

As Dubai moves forward, Lary Investments LLC continues to support the country's progress by servicing the needs of the new economy with excellence and top quality. The company provides advisory services to local and foreign investors on setting up new businesses in the UAE, contributing to the country’s development and its economic growth. Its objective is to achieve long-term goals through sustainable and diversified investments.

Lary Investments focuses on a dynamic approach to investment management and business development. Its effective business model and dynamic team, which is highly skilled in identifying commercial potential, transform it into profitable business entities.

They welcome all opportunities and embrace innovation. Therefore, they never limit themselves to any specific sector. They evaluate every opportunity on its value and its growth potential. Specialising in start-up businesses, they invest at all stages of their business cycle.