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EG Ventures ("Emirates Global") is an international management consulting firm based in Dubai, specialising in running and consulting high-growth entrepreneurial ventures in Middle East and abroad, helping them become market leaders.

Our consultants use a highly focused approach to manage & implement a unique growth strategy along with its hands-on operating philosophy to improve the profitability of each of its portfolio companies and mitigate significant risks. We collaborate with our clients to achieve well-defined goals by identifying growth opportunities and assisting with operational improvements.


Most of our clients are from the UAE and the UK, but due to our strong relationships with an international network of business consultants, we are capable of providing global services to many more countries, especially in the fields of HR consultancy and employee engagement.

Emirates Global is an ideal strategic partner for companies that:
• Have the potential to significantly improve their corporate performance and productivity in a very demanding market
• Can benefit from strategic repositioning
• Are open to suggestions and insights in regards to their workforce
Our portfolio companies can rely on our knowledge, business intelligence and our network partners to help management teams accelerate their business growth, leading to increased shareholder value.



HR Consultancy

How do organisations handle their employee compensation, workplace benefits, talent mobility and their retirement programmes? Emirates Global makes sure that our clients’ human capital serves the best interests of their company. We advise and deliver business intelligence reports and case studies on a wide range of issues involving the evolving workforce of every organisation.

Employee Engagement

Today organisations measure employee engagement levels through several tools like surveys and interviews. Emirates Global can provide the resources and the insights to define and improve corporate performance in employee engagement and retention. We can help with your rewards strategy, effective employee performance management, leadership transformation, and organisation structure design, where needed.

Business Management Consulting

EG Ventures formulates management solutions, responding to time-sensitive business opportunities across a broad range of markets. Our management consultants deliver tailored solutions that have a visible impact on solving client’s problems by discovering their expectations, intentions and provide the necessary raw material to help them develop their business plans.

Business Planning & Innovation

Companies nowadays are struggling to improve their processes as well as their results. Nevertheless, this can take a great deal of time and won’t bring the desired results. For that reason, we are here to help you innovate on your business processes, with the use of researched data; Business process innovation involves developing systems and methods in order for organisational performance to be achieved.

Market Research & Analysis

Our experienced team of consultants are providing detailed and objective evaluations of the potential of your new product or new idea. We offer extensive analysis of environmental factors, market trends, competition, risks, opportunities as well as we evaluate your company’s assets and limitations. A properly implemented market assessment will help you identify where you should use specific resources and take advantage of given opportunities.

Strategic Management Advice

Our team will help you set up and develop the goals, the mission as well as the targets of your company. We are here to help you create the best roadmap so you can meet all your business goals. Our aim is your company to expect specific results, which they can only be achieved by following the framework we developed together.